Respecting the environment that provides all the natural resources to us is our most important mission

This mission is achieved through keeping up with advances in the field that aims to minimize environmental impact of constructions and applying these as improvements to our policies.

In order to satisfy requirements and improve the effectiveness of currently applied ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, we are:

  • Conserving natural resources during use of raw material and energy and recycle used resources as much as possible (However this policy is performed without impacting the quality of products in any way)
  • Transforming our machine inventory by replacing old machinery with low emission or electric equipment in order to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Opening environmental aspect of our activities to public investigation
  • Training of our contractors regarding environmental issues and encouraging them to become responsible against the environment

In addition to these, we are always preferring use of the local resources to support local communities during our construction activities and try to minimize disturbance we cause as much as possible.